A new tool to unlock insights in water, wastewater, environmental monitoring & recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) research

Nitrate and nitrite occur in many water and wastewater scenarios – either as intermediates or final products. They are produced by the nitrification of ammonia wherever oxygen and nitrifying bacteria are present. This may be naturally in the environment, in drinking water distribution systems and pipelines – or in process situations, including wastewater treatment plants (the biological nitrogen removal phase) and recirculating aquaculture systems (biofilter operation).

Now, Aquamonitrix® offers researchers the ability to obtain highly specific readings for both the nitrite and nitrate anions, simultaneously with high-frequency in real-time.

This is a powerful tool to unlock routes for better understanding, supervision, optimisation, and mitigation across the water, wastewater and aquaculture sectors.

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Potential Research Areas

Drinking Water

  • Studying and modelling nitrate and nitrite behaviour in catchments/ watersheds and groundwater / borehole observation studies
  • Achieving and monitoring statutory limits for nitrate and nitrite in drinking water leaving the treatment plant – and evaluating the effectiveness of novel nitrate removal processes
  • Monitoring for nitrite and nitrate formation through the drinking water distribution system and pipelines to the customer’s tap, particularly in chloraminated supplies

Environmental Monitoring

  • Studies of the prevalence & impact of nitrite in aquatic environments
  • Evaluation of novel nutrient pollution mitigation strategies, including nature-based solutions
  • High-resolution studies of the source and/or movement of nitrate (and nitrite) through catchments (watersheds) and groundwater aquifers, evaluating the impact of local conditions, such as rainfall, flooding and drought; soil type, pH and microbiology; ground coverage and  geology

Wastewater Treatment

  • Real-time monitoring of nitrate and nitrite in the influent and/or final effluent of biological nitrogen removal (BNR) to evlaute the effectiveness of novel treatment processes and technologies
  • Reducing N2O emissions by nitrate and nitrite-based control
  • Reducing aeration energy requirements with short-cut biological nitrogen removal ( e.g. nitrite shunt, ammonox, etc)
  • Exploring the use of nitrite as a proxy for quantifying N2O emissions

Recirculating Aquaculture (RAS)

  • Reducing the risk of mass mortalities due to nitrite poisoning
  • Evaluating the role of enhanced water-quality in maximising feed-conversion efficiencies
  • Evaluating novel biofilter designs and enabling more accurate estimation of maximum feeding rates for biofilter size
  • Reducing risk at the start-up phase before the NOB bacteria have fully established
  • Reducing the need for mitigation actions such as water exchange or saline flushes

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