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A new tool to unlock insights in water, wastewater, environmental monitoring & recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) research

Nitrate and nitrite occur in many water and wastewater scenarios – either as intermediates or final products. They are produced by the nitrification of ammonia wherever oxygen and nitrifying bacteria are present. This may be naturally in the environment, in drinking water distribution systems and pipelines – or in process situations, including wastewater treatment plants (the biological nitrogen removal phase) and recirculating aquaculture systems (biofilter operation).

Now, Aquamonitrix® offers researchers the ability to obtain highly specific readings for both the nitrite and nitrate anions, simultaneously with high-frequency in real-time.

This is a powerful tool to unlock routes for better understanding, supervision, optimisation, and mitigation across the water, wastewater and aquaculture sectors.

Special rates and arrangements for academic research institutes

As a company founded on research and innovation, we are always interested in discovery and collaboration, and we are open to special rates and arrangements for academic research institutes.

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Activated sludge monitoring N2O emissions

Activated sludge monitoring N2O emissions

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