About Aquamonitrix - Next-Generation Nitrate & Nitrite Water Analyser


About Aquamonitrix® 

Aquamonitrix Ltd is dedicated to providing water resource managers with accurate, simple and affordable analysers for nutrient monitoring. We recognise that nutrient pollution is one of the most widespread, costly and challenging environmental problems, particularly for water and wastewater treatment operators, industry, agriculture, regulators and those charged with protection of our aquatic and marine resources.  Our Aquamonitrix® Next Generation  Nitrate and Nitrite Analyser addresses the challenges associated with existing real-time nitrate and nitrite analysers. It offers accurate and precise real-time measurements, combined with stable calibration and simple set-up, operation and servicing – all adding up to low life-time costs and affordable high-frequency monitoring.

Aquamonitrix Ltd is a spinout from T.E. Laboratories (TelLab), which was established thirty years ago, and through a series of acquisitions and organic growth, is today a multi-division company, focused on laboratory analysis services, laboratory chemicals,  water and wastewater research and new product development.  Aquamonitrix has a number of other real-time nutrient analysers in its product development pipeline. 

Meet the Aquamonitrix Team

Our mission to find a better way

At the coal-face of environmental analysis for almost three decades, we understand the enduring position of ‘grab n’ lab’ approaches. But we also know that manual sampling and centralised laboratory analysis cannot provide all the answers.

In today’s data-driven world, you and your team are undoubtedly looking for real-time information to make instantaneous decisions.  You  want near-continuous data to better understand, model, predict and optimise.

At the same time, we recognise that existing real-time nutrient sensors are fraught with problems such as biofouling, the need for frequent re-calibration, accuracy loss, and in some cases, high capital costs and impractically large footprints.  So we want to offer you something new and better – a real-time sensor that combines accuracy, affordability and simplicity.



about us

Helping solve the nutrient challenge with Aquamonitrix®

The impetus for our Aquamonitrix® product line came from a US EPA challenge seeking a better, more affordable and robust sensor for nutrient analysis.

When our prototype started to significantly outperform the EPA Challenge targets for the accuracy and precision of nitrate and nitrite detection, we knew this was a project we had to take from the lab into the marketplace. Bringing a full team on board, we have honed the design over seven years, trialled it in the field in Ireland, Spain, Finland, the US and New Zealand, incorporated feedback on functionality and usability from end-users, and worked with product design experts to optimise everything from ergonomic handling to lean manufacture.

We are now ready to introduce you to the Aquamonitrix® family of sensors for game-changing, next-generation nutrient monitoring.