Datamonitrix - Aquamonitrix® - Nitrate and Nitrite Analyser


Data collected by Aquamonitrix® can be transmitted by Wireless IoT to the Datamonitrix dedicated data management system.

Datamonitrix is your secure, password-protected platform for storing, managing and analysing your nitrate and nitrite data. It can be accessed direct from your PC.

Key parameters logged 

  • Time
  • NO2 concentration (and % confidence of reading)
  • NO3 concentration (and % confidence of reading)
  • Temperature, Humidity, option to output results as NOx, or NOx-N

Customisable interface 

  • Secure login
  • Add/remove team members and assign access levels
  • Create email distribution lists to receive warnings and service notices
  • Configure and manage assets on a territory, plant and sensor level
  • Set defaults and configure alarms

Remote control capabilities

Send instructions to

  • Re-boot a sensor
  • Change duty cycle or trigger a manual run

Advanced data analysis and interpretation

  • Get at-a-glance live data from your home page
  • Use dashboard tools to present readings with compelling visualisations
  • Drill down to view logs, alarms and maintenance reports

Separate maintenance portal 

  • Enabling you to view maintenance/servicing history
  • Receive automatically generated emails when servicing/maintenance required
  • View unit health diagnostics and troubleshooting parameters