Nitrate & nitrite analyser for drinking water production

+ Use Aquamonitrix real-time nitrate and nitrite analyser to  be alerted instantaneously to elevated nitrate and/or nitrite in raw water entering the plant or in treated drinking water leaving the process.

+  Monitor nitrate and nitrite levels in observation boreholes and groundwater sources.

Perform catchment/watershed studies of nitrate sources and evaluate mitigation strategies.

+ Monitor nitrate and nitrite formation in the distribution system, where chloramination is used
for secondary disinfection.

Key Advantages for Drinking Water Monitoring

+ Aquamonitrix is capable of selectively analysing nitrate and nitrite from the same sample, with high accuracy ( ~ 99% in fresh water) at very low levels of detection.

+ Stable calibration and maintenance-free operation over sustained deployment periods.

+ Real-time data transmission allowing immediate intervention

+ Portable and light-weight – simple ‘plug n’ play’ deployment – no site preparation required, can be fully up and running within two hours

+ Aquamonitrix® can be used in a fixed position – for reatment process monitoring – or as a portable analyser for catchment, borehole and water distribution system monitoring.

+ Low-intervention operation, ease of use and low requirements for technical skills add up to low opex costs and affordable high-frequency monitoring.