Nitrate & nitrite analyser for drinking water 

+ Compared with conventional UV or UV-LED-based nitrate analysers, Aquamonitrix® offers a key advantage for drinking water treatment operators. In addition to providing high-accuracy, real-time nitrate monitoring, Aquamonitrix® simultaneously provides a specific, high accuracy real-time nitrite measurement, with a lower limit of detection of just 0.05 mg/l.

+ The Aquamonitrix® Real-Time Nitrate and Nitrite analyser can be used to provide statutory limit monitoring for both nitrate and nitrate in treated water leaving the plant. It can also be used to assess the treatment or blending requirements of raw water entering the plant.

+ Aquamonitrix® is portable and available in a choice of mains-powered or solar/battery-powered configurations. 

+ It can be used for forward planning to monitor nitrate and nitrite levels in observation boreholes and groundwater sources.

+ Aquamonitrix® maintains stable calibration, even when moved to different matrices. It’s robust performance, and low-intervention operation over sustained deployments, makes it ideal for  performing high-resolution monitoring for catchment/watershed studies of nitrate (and nitrite) sources and evaluating mitigation strategies.

+ The ability of Aquamonitrix® to perform high-frequency nitrate and nitrite monitoring in drinking water pipelines and throughout in the distribution system provides a tool for identifying and mitigating nitrification hotspots, which can be a particular issue where chloramines are used for secondary disinfection.

Key Advantages of Aquamonitrix® Nitrate & Nitrite Analyser for Drinking Water Operations

+ Aquamonitrix is capable of selectively analysing nitrate and nitrite from the same sample, with high accuracy ( ~ 99% in fresh water) at very low levels of detection.

+ Stable calibration and maintenance-free operation over sustained deployment periods.

+ Real-time data transmission allowing immediate intervention

+ Portable and light-weight – simple ‘plug n’ play’ deployment – no site preparation required, can be fully up and running  from ‘out of the box’ within two hours

+ Aquamonitrix® can be used in a fixed position – for treatment process monitoring – or as a portable analyser for catchment, borehole and water distribution system monitoring

+ Calibration is incredibly stable – even when the analyser is moved to a different sample matrix

+ Low-intervention operation, ease of use and low requirements for technical skills add up to low opex costs and affordable high-frequency monitoring.