RASmonitrix - Aquamonitrix® - Nitrate and Nitrite Analyser

Delivering accuracy and precision in fresh and fully saline waters

Delivering accuracy and precision in fresh and fully saline waters

Delivering accuracy and precision in fresh and fully saline waters

Delivering accuracy and precision in fresh and fully saline waters

Delivering accuracy and precision in fresh and fully saline waters

Aquamonitrix RAS-monitrix was released in October 2022 and is designed for high-precision autonomous determination of nitrate and nitrite in Aquaculture. In particular Recirulating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). Whether fresh or saline water,  part or full grow out, land based, RAS-monitrix offers data to control and optimise the water quality. Put simply, health water means health fish.


Maximum sampling interval: 15 minutes, Analytical Range in freshwater & wastewater*

– Nitrate: 0.6 – 500 mg/L as NO2
– Nitrite: 0.05 – 100 mg/L as NO3

*35 ppt saline water, the lower limits of detection are
1.0 mg/L nitrate as NO3– and 0.5 mg/L nitrite as NO2


Direct SCADA integration and/or IoT enabled with cloud-based Datamonitrix platform

Integrated HMI, 4” touch interface Wired output transmission: MODBUS over Serial

(RS485) as standard (RS232 optional) Optional accessories for conversion of output to Fieldbus, Industrial Ethernet, 4-20 mA

Data communications via RS232 or Bluetooth, for commissioning/troubleshooting purposes


Operating temperature range: 7 – 40°C

Sample temperature range: 2 – 50°C

Operating humidity range: 10 – 90% RH, non-condensing

Storage temperature range: -20 – 60°C

Storage humidity range: 10 – 90% RH, non-condensing

IP rating: IP65 (IEC 60529)


• Accuracy:
– Fresh water ~99%
– Wastewater & Saline Water ~95%

• Precision 95%
• Analytical Range for Fresh Water and Wastewater*

– Nitrate: 0.6 – 500 mg/L as NO3
– (0.14 to 113 mg/L as N)
– Nitrite: 0.05 – 100 mg/L as NO2
– (0.01 to 30 mg/L as N)


15 – 25 Vdc input power, 50 W max. rated power

Optional external Power Supply available, 85-264 Vac input, 24Vdc output (fully enclosed)


One Year

C.E. Mark, REACH

Pre-Biofilter, Post Biofilter, Final Effluent, De-nitrification


Before the supply of our analyser, we require the end-user to complete a site suitability form. This allows our engineers to assess the suitability of the sample location and provide recommendations before the installation of our analyser. A correctly installed analyser will ensure the service requirement is optimal.

The service itself can range in terms of the level of intervention and skill required. RAS-monitrix has been designed with servicing in mind, and to keep the majority of service activity at a low skill level, enabling both end users and service agents alike to have light touch points with the analsyer to ensure its continued operation.

The service requirement for the RAS-monitrix analyser depends on;- The sample location ( i.e. post-bio-filter, final effluent) and the frequency of analysis or duty cycle. We have a recommended service guideline for sample type based on the duty cycle. As a backup, the analyser has a built-in self-prognostic feature that notifies the user of any issues that may occur. This may prompt the user to intervene with the analyser.

If required, the Aquamonitrix team can access the analyser via the IoT platform ( if enabled), to review the veracity of the results and problem-solve any issue that may have occurred.

The consumable used by the analyser is a dilute non-hazardous sodium chloride eluent that can be manufactured by an on-site laboratory technician or supplied by a local chemical reagents and standards company. We can provide a detailed SOP for the manufacture of the eluent.

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