Aquamonitrix® is the only nitrite & nitrate analyser for RAS aquaculture that enables users to obtain highly specific and accurate readings for both the nitrate and nitrite, autonomously in real-time, at relevant limits of detection for RAS species – in fresh or fully saline water environments.

Up to now, you may have relied on colorimetric (Griess) methods or similar time-consuming laboratory procedures for nitrite and nitrate analysis, making high-frequency monitoring for high-resolution data both costly and impractical. Not only that, but without frequent calibration of equipment and analysers, the accuracy of your results is likely to drift over time.

With the Aquamonitrix® nitrite & nitrate analyser for RAS aquaculture…

The availability of accurate, high-frequency data in real-time provides the power to investigate, understand, control and optimise the nitrogen cycle and biofilter performance, with potential applications including

  • Safe RAS start-up before the nitrite oxidising bacteria (NOB) community has fully established within the biofilter
  • Reducing the risk of mass mortalities due to nitrite poisoning
  • Evaluating novel biofilter designs and enabling more accurate estimation of maximum feeding rates for biofilter size
  • Balancing feed rates with water quality to achieve healthy, hungry fish and maximum feed conversion efficiencies  
  • Reducing the need for mitigation actions such as water exchange or saline flushes 
  • Enusuring  wastewater discharge is within environmental compliance limits for nitrate

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key features

Aquamonitrix® Nitrite & Nitrate Analyser for RAS Aquaculture: Tech Specs

Accurate, true readings of nitrite and nitrate – in fresh & saline environments
+ The ion chromatography column separates the two anions so nitrite and nitrate are measured separately at the UV-LED detector, providing unrivalled specificity, with separate, true readings (not calculated/compensated) for nitrite and nitrate 

Relevant limits of detection

    • Nitrate: 0.6 – 500 mg/L NO3- (0.14 to 113 mg/L as N)
    • Nitrite: 0.05 – 100 mg/L NO2- (0.01 to 23 mg/L as N)

In 35 ppt saline water, the lower limits of detection are 1.0 mg/L nitrate as NO3 – (0.23 mg/L as N) and 0.5 mg/L nitrite as NO2 – (0.15 mg/L as N)

Laboratory quality accuracy

+ Accuracy of ~99% in freshwater and >95% in highly challenging  saline and septic wastewater matrices

Robust in ‘dirty’ and saline environments

+Not impacted by cloudy/turbid samples

+ Low blockage & biofouling potential

Minimal or no intervention over long deployment periods
+ Stable calibration over long deployments – even when moved to a different location or sample matrix

Real-Time Monitoring
+  Capable of sampling every 10to 15 minutes , for near-continuous monitoring

IoT enabled Data Transmission
+ Readings are instantaneously transmitted to your central control infrastructure and/or your Datamonitrix platform, where you can store and analyse data, configure alarms and receive instant alerts to your PC

No requirements for specialist technical skills

+ No specialist skills required for set-up, operation or servicing

Compact and Portable
+ Compact footprint, portable and lightweight (12 kg)

Simple, Plug and Play Functionality
+ No site preparation works required – the only site connections needed are power and sample in/out

+ Quick and easy to install – you can be up and running within a couple of hours

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