Chloramines & Nitrification Problems : Aquamonitrix Provides a Solution

When considering the application of real-time monitoring of nitrite and nitrate in recirculating aquaculture systems, it is vital to be able to make measurements over varying salinities. Fully saline RAS are common and represent a significant portion of RAS globally. In addition to fully freshwater RAS systems, there are systems where the salinity of the water can change considerably over time due to the addition of seawater or NaCl. For these reasons, monitoring nitrite and nitrate over a wide range of salinities in RAS has been challenging and often inaccurate.

Dr Eoin Murray and Dr Michael Strahand host a 30-minute webinar to explain how Aquamonitrix solves the problem of monitoring nitrate and nitrite in RAS across all salinities.

Duration: 30 minutes