The Water Research Centre (WRc) is offering trials to water companies, aimed at evaluating the potential to manage and control activated sludge processes in a new way by monitoring nitrite concentrations in real-time using Aquamonitrix®.

The treatment of wastewater at most large and many mediumsized wastewater treatment plants relies on the activated sludge process (ASP), which is responsible for around 50 of the energy consumed at these sites. Better control of nitrogen removal processes can reduce energy costs.

Furthermore, with conventional activated sludge systems, high nitrite concentrations are associated with high emissions of nitrous oxide, a potent greenhouse gas (GHG), so that controlling nitrite enhances the GHG reduction of treatment systems.

Advances in sensor technology and instrument design have led to the development of the Aquamonitrix® realtime nitrate and nitrite monitor. Aquamonitrix® offers the potential to manage and control ASPs by monitoring nitrite concentrations in realtime. This could enable water companies to make significant energy savings and to support the move towards netzero GHG emissions.

The portability and low-range sensitivity of the Aquamonitrix® instrument also offers opportunities for remote, real-time monitoring of nitrate and nitrite on the water supply side, providing water companies with the ability to investigate and manage water quality issues within the catchment and supply networks (e. g. for chloraminated waters) with minimal resources.

Recognising the innovative potential of Aquamonitrix®, WRc plans to run a six-month portfolio collaborative research project, coordinating planned and ongoing trials of the instrument in both water and wastewater applications.

WRc will develop a trial protocol to ensure the alignment of individual trials and to ensure that a range of scenarios are tested so that the individual company trials can contribute to a wider, and more balanced, assessment of the instrument

Meanwhile, Aquamonitrix® will provide instrument maintenance, servicing and technical support, as necessary, for the duration of the site trials

This project will enable water companies to:

  • Collaborate with other water companies to share resources and trial findings.
  • Access WRc trials expertise to underpin the robustness of the experimental design and trial management.
  • Gain an independent review of trial data and findings.
  • Understand the benefits and constraints of the Aquamonitrix® instrument for both water and wastewater applications.
  • Develop strategies for targeted use of the Aquamonitrix® instrument.

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