Chloramines & Nitrification Problems : Aquamonitrix Provides a Solution
Nitrification is a microbial process that converts ammonia and similar nitrogen compounds into nitrite (NO2–) and then nitrate (NO3–). Nitrification can occur in water systems that contain chloramines. The problem is greatest when temperatures are warm and water usage is low. Monitoring of nitrite and nitrate is traditionally carried out using lab analysis. The long lead time and degradation of the sample before lab analysis means that traditional methods are limited when considering nitrification events. Water companies are starting to use real-time online monitoring to allow automatic mitigation of nitrification by, for example, chlorine dosing in the network. Accurate real-time in-situ monitoring of nitrite and nitrate across all distribution systems is now possible through the Aquamonitrix® analyser.

Dr Eoin Murray and Dr Michael Strahand host a 30-minute webinar to explain how Aquamonitrix helps reduce taste and odour complaints in Chloraminated Water Systems

23 minutes