Chloramines & Nitrification Problems : Aquamonitrix Provides a Solution
Measuring nitrate and nitrite within an aeration basin is tricky. Firstly, you have the complexity of the matrix to deal with, and secondly, you have to verify the readings are representative and not affected by the sampling process.
In this webinar, Dr Michael Strahand and Dr Eoin Murray will discuss the merits of measuring nitrate and nitrite in an aeration basin and address the steps required to take a representative sample from the process.
The merits of monitoring nitrate and nitrite in an aeration basin include:- Reducing the energy consumed by the aeration process, Nitrous oxide mitigation: The relationship between nitrite and nitrous oxide Improved final effluent quality. Previously, nitrate and nitrite data were difficult to obtain from WWTP. Many instrumentation have failed to provide suitable equipment.
Aquamonitrix has a novel solution. The conversation regarding greenhouse gases in WWTP will be further addressed at the upcoming SWIG Event on 28 February in Shay Stadium in Halifax. See link below