Aquamonitrix (AQL) is an SME based in Ireland and was introduced to the Water Test Network Interreg project at an Enterprise Ireland event in September 2018. At that stage, the Aquamonitrix (AQL) nitrate/ nitrite analyser was in development. The product became ready for market launch in February 2021. At that stage, AQL applied for an innovation voucher for accreditation to the ISO14034 Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) standard.

After this voucher was approved, it was determined that the best test site was the Bo’ness Scottish wastewater development centre site near Edinburgh. 

The James Hutton Institute designed a complete validation test program, and an analyser was installed in the autumn of 2022. After completing the test program, James Hutton Institute completed a full performance analysis and a report submitted to UKAS for accreditation to the ISO14034 ETV standard. On completion of this review, accreditation was granted in January 2023. 

Aquamonitrix would like to acknowledge the support and knowledge provided by both Scottish Water and James Hutton Institute at all project stages. Their understanding of the requirements of the ISO 14034 standard and the design of the test program was critical to obtaining the accreditation status. Aquamonitrix is commercially available via distribution partners. Visit our website for contact information

James Hutton Limited are the only UK organisation to offer water treatment, waste water treatment and associated monitoring. Environmental Technology Verification is an International Standard (BS EN ISO 14034) developed with the objective of providing credible, reliable and independent verification of environmental technologies which have an impact or added value for the environment. Addressing such issues and challenges is increasingly important for achieving sustainable development.

Details of ETV and the ETV statement for Aquamonitrix can be viewed here.