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What this webinar will cover

Finding a simple, practical and affordable way to perform high-frequency, real-time nitrate and nitrite monitoring can unleash game-changing benefits in

  • Safe RAS start-up before the nitrite oxidising bacteria (NOB) community has fully established within the biofilter

  • Reducing the risk of mass mortalities due to nitrite poisoning

  • Evaluating novel biofilter designs and enabling more accurate estimation of maximum feeding rates for biofilter size

  • Balancing feed rates with water quality to achieve healthy, hungry fish and maximum feed conversion efficiencies

  • Reducing the need for mitigation actions such as water exchange or saline flushes

  • Ensuring  wastewater discharge is within environmental compliance limits for nitrate

  • The impact of varying salinity on measurement of nitrate / nitrite

  • Q & A’s – To Read PDF Click Here

Recognising the challenges associated nitrate and nitrite monitoring using standard technologies, this 30-minute educational webinar also will

  • Highlight some of the breakthroughs achievable with real-time, high-frequency nitrate and nitrite monitoring
  • Explain how Aquamonitrix® makes this practical, simple and affordable.

Who you will meet at the webinar

Webinar Chair - Dr Mike Strahand

Webinar Chair - Dr Mike Strahand

Water Quality Expert and Consultant

Panelist - Dr Eoin Murray

Panelist - Dr Eoin Murray

R&D Manager - Aquamonitrix

Panelist - Breda Moore

Panelist - Breda Moore

Technical Director Aquamonitrix

Panelist - John McGrath

Panelist - John McGrath

Sales Director Aquamonitrix

Panelist - Mark Bowkett

Panelist - Mark Bowkett

Managing Director - Aquamonitrix

Aquamonitrix® is a new type of analyser for the autonomous real-time measurement of nitrate and nitrite simultaneously in fresh and effluent water. Game-changing innovations include the first practical means of real-time nitrite monitoring while breakthroughs for both real-time nitrate and nitrite monitoring include

  • calibration that remains stable over the duration of the deployment;
  • long intervals between servicing;
  • lab-quality accuracy and precision;
  • instantaneous data transmission;
  • portability and plug n’ play setup;
  • autonomous operation.