The latest Aquamonitrix® dual analyser for measuring nitrate in both fresh and saline water is currently being deployed by the Irish Marine Institute on its COMPASS buoy in Galway Bay.

COMPASS is a network of monitoring buoys across the regional seas of the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and West Scotland, equipped with a range of equipment to monitor protected areas and species. COMPASS researchers are developing develop long-term monitoring strategies for highly mobile protected species such as marine mammals and salmonids.

A recent paper in the Journal of Chromatography A also reports the success of this new portable and automated IC system, with dual-capability for the analysis of both fresh and saline environmental waters.

High levels of sensitivity and selectivity were shown for both the marine and freshwater analysis. Dynamic linear ranges applicable to environmental water monitoring were obtained for nitrate in marine water and for both nitrite and nitrate in freshwater. Recovery analysis was successfully carried out on seawater samples from Tramore, Co. Waterford, Ireland. The system proved successful in returning accurate and repeatable results for both marine and freshwater samples, showing its  versatility in a wide range of environmental waters.