Use Aquamonitrix® for

+ New plants at the design and commissioning stage

+ Ongoing operations at existing plants

+ Monitoring nitrate and nitrite levels in effluent discharge, ensuring operational reliability and compliance with licencing obligations

+ Gaining better insights into the impact of operational variables, allowing process efficiency monitoring and optimisation

Key Features

+ Real-time nitrate and nitrite analysis, with four to six measurements per day

+ Laboratory-quality accuracy and precision (or better) in the field

+ Stable calibration (typically six months), providing excellent confidence in results

+ Seamless integration with your SCADA communication system

+ Automatic text and email alerts when limits are breached –  allowing for remote supervision and diagnostics – so you know when you don’t need to go to site

+ Simple ‘plug n’ play’ deployment – no site preparation required

+ Simple operation and maintenance (with training by video). Low-skill and frequency maintenance requirements, suiting agnostics servicing contracts

+ Robust design capable of withstanding the WWTP environment

+ Mains powered, portable and light-weight with carry handle

+ Reduced reagent consumption


key features


+ Reduced personnel time and costs and chemical consumption compared with manual sampling and lab analysis

+ Real-time data, allowing timely intervention to avoid pollution events, minimising the potential for fines and reputational damages

+ Cost saving through process optimisation

+ Enhanced service offering in WWTP DBO tenders, particularly in nitrate-sensitive locations


Activated sludge process optimisation

Nitrite-based aeration control, enabling ‘shortcut’ nitrogen removal

+ Ultra-robust design, capable of withstanding the challenging aeration tank environment

coming soon

Reduce energy consumption for financial savings and lower carbon footprint 

In conventional wastewater treatment plants, aeration is required to enable the conversion of ammonia to nitrate and finally to nitrogen. This is a highly energy intensive process, with aeration accounting for over 40 to 50% of total site power consumption.

‘Shortcut’ nitrogen removal reduces energy consumption

+ Online nitrite measurements by Aquamonitrix® are used reduce reactor sludge retention time

+ Nitrate production is minimised by stopping the nitrification process at nitrite, which is then converted to nitrogen gas

+ WWTP exit effluent contains lower nitrite, nitrate and total nitrogen concentration*

*Source: Water New Zeland, Achieving Nitrite Shunt At Full Scale, 19 September, 2018.

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