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Advances provided by Aquamonitrix

True, Specific Values for Nitrite and Nitrate 

By employing a unique analytical approach, Aquamonitrix® provides specific, directly measured values of both nitrate and nitrite (not calculated/compensated or combined values for the two anions). Many analysers just measure nitrate – or fail to accurately measure nitrite when high levels of nitrate are also present. Instead, they provide values calculated by algorithm.

The true, real-time values of nitrate and nitrite provided by Aquamonitrix® bring important benefits to ensuring compliance with drinking water standards, optimising wastewater treatment, understanding what is happening in surface and groundwater environments and monitoring water quality in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS).


High Accuracy – Even in Very Challenging Matrices

Aquamonitrix®‘s unique analytical approach also separates out interference sources that can impact other analysers in real-world environments.  These include air bubbles, condensation, turbidity/colour and organics.

With Aquamonitrix® you can expect accuracies of

 Robust Against Blockages and Biofouling 

  • Low bio-fouling potential- even in wastewater and aquaculture environments.
  • No need for sample pre-treatment or add-on sampling equipment in wastewater matrices.
  • Only microfluidic volumes required for sampling, simplifying sample handling requirements.

Stable Calibration – Even When Moved to a New Sample Matrix

  • On being unboxed, Aquamonitrix® requires a once-off check to ensure its factory calibration has held.
  • After that, the calibration remains stable – even when the analyser is moved to new matrices. This enables fast and convenient sampling at different points around a facility – or across multiple facilities.
  • Our recommended recalibration interval is 12 months, compared with 3 months or less for most nitrate or nitrite analysers.

Broad Analytical Range – Relevant to Water, Wastewater, Environmental & Aquaculture Applications

Analytical Range*

  • Nitrate: 0.6 – 500 mg/L NO3- (0.14 to 113 mg/L as N)
  • Nitrite: 0.05 – 100 mg/L NO2- (0.01 to 23 mg/L as N)
    *We can supply custom ranges within these limits by adjusting the sample loop to suit your needs


Compact & Portable, with Easy Set-Up

  • Compact footprint – portable and lightweight (12 kg)
  • No site preparation works needed, no specialised sampling infrastructure required
  • Can be up and running within two hours of arriving on site
  • After the initial once-off calibration, Aquamonitrix® be moved around the site or to different sample matrices and sites without requiring recalibration
  • Solar/battery operated version available for sites without mains power


Real-Time Monitoring, with Instantaneous Data Transmission

  • Aquamonitrix® can perform a new sampling and analysis cycle as frequently as once every 15 minutes, allowing for near-continuous monitoring. 
  • A choice data transmission options allows for direct integration with SCADA / your plant control infrastructure
  • And/or real-time data communication to our proprietary cloud-based Datamonitrix platform for storing and analysing data;  setting alarms and alerts; and receiving real-time analyser self-diagnostic information
  • And/or direct real-time data communication to your own preferred data management platform

Low total/lifetime cost of ownership 

  • Autonomous operation. Eliminates the need for manual sampling and lab analysis of nitrate and nitrite. 
  • Low technical skill needs. Minimal requirements for intervention/maintenance. 
  • Long intervals between servicing, and a straightforward service procedure, which can be carried out inhouse – or by an agnostic service company – with all training available by video
  • No need for capital spend on site infrastructure or for add-on sampling equipment – even in wastewater environments
  •  Low reagent use and costs