Leading-edge performance

Aquamonitrix® brings users a unique combination of benefits to make it the best nitrate & nitrite analyser available yet across a wide range of water, wastewater and environmental monitoring applications.

Real-Time Monitoring
  • Minimum sampling interval: 15 minutes
  • Remote supervision for peace of mind your treatment processes are operating with specifications
  • Immediate notification of a pollution problem, allowing for an instant response
Highly Accurate & Precise
  • Accuracy of over 90%, Precision 95%
  • Providing Laboratory Quality results in the field and, in fact, even better for remote sites where in situ testing with Aquamonitrix means there is no loss of accuracy as a result of the time lag due to transportation
Full maintenance of accuracy even in effluent matrices
  • The ion chromatography separation step allows for use in ‘dirty’ effluent water without any loss of accuracy or performance
  • The instrument sits outside the water so biofouling is not an issue
Choice of Data Transmission
  • Direct SCADA integration
  • Or IoT enabled with cloud-based Datamonitrix® platform for storing and analysing data and setting alarms and alerts
Stable calibration and low maintenance requirements
  • Aquamonitrix® can be deployed for over 600 sampling runs before requiring recalibration or servicing – equivalent to a three-month deployment period, based on 6 samples per day.
  • A standard service simply involves the discharge of waste sample and refill of the reagent via a plug n’ play cartridge
  • Free from biofouling problems
  • No recalibration required until the end of the deployment period
Simple, Plug and Play Functionality
  • No site preparation works required – the only site connections needed are power and sample in/out
  • Quick and easy to install, set up, operate and service
Compact and Portable
  • Compact footprint
  • Portable and lightweight (12 kg)
Low total/lifetime cost of ownership
  • Low maintenance and servicing requirements
  • No need for skilled staff for installation, operation, recalibration or servicing
  • Low-cost reagent
Makes High-Frequency Monitoring Practical and Affordable
  • Providing near-continuous monitoring for consistent peace of mind and instant alerts
  • Generating the level of data required to understand, model, predict and optimise process dynamics