Use Aquamonitrix®  in your manufacturing operation to

+ Monitor nitrate and nitrite in your raw water intake in real-time

+ Understand how to manage and optimise process parameters while maintaining wastewater discharge within permissible levels

+ Be the ‘first to know’ in the event of an accidental discharge or exceedance – and take corrective action in real-time, avoiding ecological damage as well as the potential for fines and reputational damage

+ Support excellence and leadership in Water Stewardship, by enabling, monitoring and optimising water reuse/recycling processes

+ Have the ability to provide full visibility and transparency on nitrate performance to regulators, customers and communities

Key advantages for monitoring raw, process and effluent water

Real-Time Monitoring
+ Minimum sampling interval: 15 minutes 

Highly Accurate & Precise
+ Accuracy of over 90%, Precision 95%

Choice of Data Transmission
+ Real-time data transmission via direct SCADA integration and/or IoT enabled with cloud-based Datamonitrix platform for storing and analysing data and setting alarms and alerts

Full accuracy even in effluent matrices
+ The ion chromatography separation step allows for use in ‘dirty’ effluent water without any loss of accuracy or performance

No requirements for specialist technical skills

+ No specialist skills required for setup, operation or servicing

 Stable calibration and no intervention over long deployments

+ Aquamonitrix® can be deployed for over 600 sampling runs before requiring recalibration or servicing – equivalent to a three-month deployment period, based on 6 samples per day.

+ A standard service simply involves the discharge of waste sample and refill of the reagent via a plug n’ play cartridge

+ Free from biofouling problems

+ No recalibration required until the end of the deployment period

Simple, Plug and Play Functionality
+ No site preparation works required – the only site connections needed are power and sample in/out
Quick and easy to install, set up, operate and service

Compact and Portable

+ Compact footprint, Portable and lightweight (12 kg)

key features


+ Peace of mind that effluent nitrate levels are with specifications, avoiding fines and reputational damage

+ Immediate notification of a pollution problem, allowing for an instant response

+ Greater understanding of process and wastewater treatment dynamics with the ability to control parameters for optimum performance

The ability to demonstrate leadership & best practice environmental stewardship and performance

+ Laboratory quality results in the field and, in fact, even better for remote sites where in situ testing with Aquamonitrix means there is no loss of accuracy as a result of the time lag due to transportation

+ Low total/lifetime cost of ownership, as a result of the low-cost reagent, low maintenance and servicing requirements, and no requirement for skilled staff for installation, operation, recalibration or servicing

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