Use Aquamonitrix® in your manufacturing operation to

+ Monitor nitrate and nitrite in your water intake in real-time

+ Optimise nitrogen removal in the wastewater treatment process through NOx-based process control

+ Monitor treated wastewater discharge for peace of mind and to always be the ‘first to know’ in the event of an accidental exceedance – allowing for corrective action in real-time

+ Demonstrate excellence in water stewardship and in environmental compliance with your discharge / industrial emissions licence. Have the ability to provide full visibility and transparency on nitrate performance to regulators, customers and communities

Revolutionising nitrite and nitrate monitoring in raw, process and effluent water with

Real-Time Monitoring
+ Minimum sampling interval:15 minutes

Laboratory-Quality Accuracy
+ ~99% accuracy in fresh water; over 90% accuracy in highly challenging septic wastewater matrices

Simultaneous, Selective Nitrate & Nitrite detection
+  Detection of both nitrate and nitrate in the same sample. The rapid ion chromatography step allows for the optical measurement of separate values for the two anions.

Robust in Wastewater Matrices
+ Low bio-fouling and blockage potential. No need for sample pre-treatment or specialised, high-cost add-on sampling equipment. No loss of accuracy as a result of the type of interference problems associated with conventional UV detection.

Choice of Real-time Data Transmission
+ Real-time data transmission via direct SCADA integration and/or IoT-enabled. Our cloud-based Datamonitrix platform is tailor-made for storing and analysing your nitrate and nitrite data, setting alarms and alerts, and receiving analyser self-diagnostics – all direct to your PC

Stable Calibration and Low Intervention Needs Over Long Deployments
+ Holds calibration over long deployments – even when moved to a different location or sample matrix

+ Straight-forward (agnostic) servicing and long intervals between services, with low intervention requirements. All that is needed is to simply top up the reagent and empty the waste sample as required, depending on the sampling frequency

Simple, Plug and Play Functionality
+ Compact footprint. No site preparation works required – the only site connections needed are sample in/out.  Can be up and running within a couple of hours

True Portability for Sampling at Multiple Locations
Portable and lightweight (12 kg). No need for recalibration when moved to a new sample location or matrix. Solar/battery version available for ‘off-grid’ monitoring applications

Low Requirements for Specialist Technical Skills and Low Opex/Lifetime Costs
+ Low technical skills requirements for setup, operation and servicing. No need for add-on infrastructure or sampling systems. Low intervention requirements and low reagents costs – all adding up low lifetime costs of ownership.

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key features

Benefits of Aquamonitrix for nitrate and nitrite monitoring in industry

Whether you are concerned about nitrate and/or nitrite in you water intake, your treated wastewater discharge or anywhere within the process, Aquamonitrix will enable you to  

– +  Save money and allow your technical staff to focus on high-value activities – rather than having to carry out manual  sampling/analysis – or performing frequent intervention and fixes with fiddly, unreliable instruments

+ No longer have to wait around for results/or find out ‘after the fact’

+ Have complete confidence in results and the peace of mind associated with near-continuous monitoring

+ Benefit from a portable analyser that can be used at multiple locations around your facility. You can move Aquamonitrix from fresh to waste-water – and from place to place – without any recalibration being necessary.

+ Respond dynamically to changes in the nitrate and nitrite content in water entering your processes. (Where warranted, Aquamonitrix can also be used in environmental monitoring to investigate the source of nitrate upstream of your water abstraction point – or upstream of you wastewater discharge)

+ Reduce energy use and minimise carbon emissions associated with treating high nitrogen/high-ammonia-content wastewater, using NOx based process control with approaches such as short-cut biological nitrogen removal (e.g. nitrite shunt or de-ammonification). This is particularly suited to dairy and meat processing industries – and where anaerobic digestion is used.

+ Benefit from low total/lifetime cost of ownership, as a result of low requirements for intervention, low technical skill requirements; low reagent and consumables costs and straight-forward, affordable servicing – inhouse or by a local agnostic service company.

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