Use Aquamonitrix® in your recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) to

+ Gain the volume of real-time, high-frequency data required to fully investigate, understand and optimise the nitrogen cycle in closed-loop aquatic systems 

Monitor intake and recirculating water for nitrite and nitrate on a real-time, near-continuous basis and react immediately to protect species health

+ Monitor biofilters to ensure complete conversion to nitrate

Monitor effluent to support environmental compliance/react instantaneously to nitrate exceedances, avoiding ecological damage and fines


Key advantages for monitoring recirculating aquaculture systems

Real-Time Monitoring
+ Minimum sampling interval: 15 minutes 

Accurate & Precise
+ Accuracy of over 90%, Precision 95%

 IoT enabled Data Transmission
+ Readings are instantaneously transmitted to your Datamonitrix platform, where you can store and analyse data, configure alarms and receive instant alerts to your PC 

No requirements for specialist technical skills

+ No specialist skills required for set-up, operation or servicing 

Stable calibration and minimal or no intervention over long deployment periods
+ Aquamonitrix® can be deployed for over 600 sampling runs before requiring servicing – equivalent to a three-month deployment period, based on 6 samples per day.
+ A standard service simply involves the discharge of waste sample and refill of the reagent via a plug n’ play cartridge 

+ Non biofouling 

+ No recalibration required until the end of the deployment period

Compact and Portable
+ Compact footprint, portable and lightweight (12 kg)

Simple, Plug and Play Functionality
+ No site preparation works required – the only site connections needed are power and sample in/out Quick and easy to install – you can be up and running within hours


key features


+ Remote supervision for peace of mind that nitrate and nitrite levels are within specifications

+ Immediate notification of a nitrite spike or pollution problem, allowing for an instant response

+ Greater understanding of process dynamics with the ability to control parameters for optimum species health and yield and maximum profitability

Laboratory quality results in the field and, in fact, even better for remote sites where in situ testing with Aquamonitrix means there is no loss of accuracy as a result of the time lag due to transportation

Low total/lifetime cost of ownership, as a result of the low-cost reagent, low maintenance and servicing requirements, and no requirement for skilled staff for installation, operation, recalibration or servicing

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